Managing Labour Relations

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Author – Govindaraju N.S.


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  1. SHEKHAR GN. says:

    The present ‘Gen C, i.e., Computer-based Generation’ of HR professional have the propensity to build a career in talent acquisition, performance management, training and development, HR Analytics, and so on but not in Industrial Relations. This mind-set of our younger HR professionals will be going to be a danger and creating IR Resources scarcity in next a few years. As I understood, the ‘Gen C’ HR folks perceive the career in Industrial Relations as a threat, non-encouraging, and low potential profile, moreover, they think that this role is more complicated and legal. In such a dangerous situation, impelling the ‘Gen C’ by eliminating their myths, and inspiring them to aspire, a career in Industrials Relations is the necessity. In this direction, the book ‘Managing Labour Relations – A Practical Handbook with Strategies and Techniques’ by Mr. Govindaraju N.S. is a masterpiece and consolidates practical aspects to deal with workers, union and management.

    An employer wants an experienced seasoned IR Professional to lead their HR & IR functions, but they do not want any IR issues, like a strike, lockout, lay-off and so on to happen in their industry. They want experience in others’ cost! In such a self-centric situation, from where the experience comes? Notably, with an interest of society, it is not preferred to have IR issues, and having such things, complicates the social well-being, business development, and truthful relationship between employers & employees. In such a calculating situation, in the profession of HR & IR, it is necessary that the professionals become competent to foresee IR issues and work proactively to create a strong value-based HR and IR Culture in the industry, which uplift the human values, and business results. For this, the present, and future HR & IR professionals must process a strong knowledge of all facets, including human factors of handling Industrial Relations is mandatory. As a support to this, the book by Govindaraju is ready reckoner with simple language, diversified with theory and strongly proven IR strategies with legal connectivity. The contents of the book are well organised by giving a logical connectivity between the chapters. I am confident that with this book, the HR & IR professionals gain the competencies expected by the employers, and able to meet their expectations with interest of long-term sustainability of the business, and employment.

    In addition, the book spell-out a strong relationship between HR & IR. The strategies talked in the book provides a clear info that, how the best IR culture can be cultivated by practicing the HR systems, and strategies. Assuredly, this book will be helpful for HR & IR fraternity to understand, handle, monitor and develop the best IR culture by developing a good relationship between employer & employer, employer & workmen, workmen and workmen, and employer & authorities.

    We are proud that Mr. Govindu fetched all his experiences in this book for the betterment of the HR, and we wish him all the best!

    Be Great,

    Shekhar Ganagaluru
    General Manager – Human Resources & Employee Relations
    Biesse Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd.,

    The great man is not the one who makes others feel small, but is the one who makes others feel great.

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