Competency Mapping

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Competency Mapping

Author: G Pandu Naik


Competency based human resource (HR) management practices make positive impact. That is why most of the reputed organizations in India and abroad have introduced it. Even though competency based HR has a history of nearly thirty years, it continues to be a confused subject even today for want of proper books. In recent times many of our Business Schools have introduced competency mapping as a specialised subject but teachers and students are finding it difficult to get a good book to study. Dearth of good books in this subject is not the case in India alone but in the entire Asia Pacific region. Another subject in HR which is very important but does not have good books is Personal Growth and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Considering these needs of HR profession in mind I have written this book by utilising my professional and academic experience. 

Plan of this Book: This book has twenty chapters. First five chapters deal with the competency approach in HR and mapping procedure. The remaining chapters cover the most important methods of competency approach in Human Resource Development. Each chapter is compressive enough to enable the readers to understand core concepts, the implementation process, the merits and demerits and the unique aspects relating to the respective topics.
Depth and Breadth: This is the first book of its kind by any Indian authors which touches the subject of advanced HRD interventions right from their roots with minute details, cases and research evidence. In terms of breadth there are many chapters in the book which contains HRD literature the rarest of the rare in India like Self Concept, Locus of Control, Johari Window etc. Chapters like Employee Survey and Feedback Based Development are vast enough to enable trainers to conduct two days workshop on each of them.
Chapter Organization: The contents of each chapter are systematically arranged. Each chapter starts with a relevant quote from an eminent source followed by an appropriate illustration and learning objectives of the chapter in the first page. The chapter ends with summary of the chapter followed by questions and detailed references. A set of relevant case studies are annexed at the end of the book.
Value Addition: Sufficient number of tables, diagrams, pictures and annexure has been used wherever required throughout the book for enhanced learning. The important ingredients required for proper understanding of any subject like definitions, examples, alternatives, practices, research findings, merits and limitations have all been described in sufficient detail.
For Whom: This book is written by keeping in mind the expectations of diverse groups within management community. Text and cases for students and teachers of MBA, research findings for scholars, value added information for trainers and consultants and advanced learning options for HR Managers.

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